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The Distance Between Us

Third World Indie Film Festival Greater Washington Immigration Film Festival

The Distance Between Us (2013), an Independent film written, produced and directed by Chandu Yarram.
Cast - Rahul Rai, Leah Kavita, Akshay Reddy, Ariane Mallon , Jonah Ehrenreich, Nicken Kotak, Cesar di Parra, Linda Elizabeth, Scott Gorbach, Roni Mazumdar, Axita Patel, Ashok chaudhry and many others..

The whole movie revolves around Mega who is a young ambitious software engineer from a University in India. She graduated with a under grad in India and wants to break the cycle of poverty in her family and decides to immigrate to the US. She has a business idea she presents to 3 prospective US companies. Success is something that does not come without hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. This is her journey to a life to succeed not in work but also in her personal life.

Written and Directed by Chandu Yarram and Executive Produced by Sanjay Currie. The crew consists of Production Manager: Marlene Moniz, Assist Dialogue writer: Jacqueline Escolme, Director of Photography: Evan Goldman, Assistant Director: Leah Teplin and Jared Kaner, Sound Mixer: Alberto Vincente, G&E: Randy Vance and Assist Executive Producers: Narendra Akula and Conor Donelly, Edited by Caleb Kerlin, Music by Aaron Latina, Sound Design by Peter Mullen, Color by Bernard Gray.

The Official Trailer of "The Distance Between Us"

Music video for the feature film, The Distance Between Us

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