The Distance Between Us

Director's Note

A person's life can be led by love, money, or spirituality. How one prioritizes these aspects of their life will shape their decisions and the events of their life. Megha, the heroine of The Distance Between Us, is no exception. A heroine torn between the need to survive in a society that promises to take care of her needs only if she has money or following her heart to be with the man she loves.

Love, Money and Spirituality are main three leading forces in modern life. Which one is important in these three depends on individual's priorities. Humans' survival in the modern society is controlled by money. For the people who are free from 'survival' issues, Love is the next driving force. There are so many interpretations of love and many movies are there to support those interpretations. According to some scientific research, it's a derivation of the 'bonding' instinct. Human behavior is subconsciously influenced by instincts while conscious decisions are influenced by programmed logic instilled by parents, friends, religion, culture, books, and media.

Which is a stronger instinct? Survival or Bonding?
The story of "The Distance Between Us" is crafted on the above question. This is a story about an Indian immigrant, ambitious girl, Megha, who wanted to succeed in her career and liberate her Indian family from poverty. But success doesn’t come without sacrifice and the plot weaves through a set of choices of love and ambition where each decision leads to unexpected consequences. The Distance Between Us is a story of broken ambitions but the triumph of the human spirit.