The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us (2013), an Independent film written, produced and directed by Chandu Yarram.

Cast - Rahul Rai, Leah Kavita, Akshay Reddy, Ariane Mallon , Jonah Ehrenreich, Nicken Kotak, Cesar di Parra, Linda Elizabeth, Scott Gorbach, Roni Mazumdar, Axita Patel, Ashok chaudhry and many others..

The whole movie revolves around Mega who is a young ambitious software engineer from a University in India. She graduated with a under grad in India and wants to break the cycle of poverty in her family and decides to immigrate to the US. She has a business idea she presents to 3 prospective US companies. Success is something that does not come without hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. This is her journey to a life to succeed not in work but also in her personal life.

Written and Directed by Chandu Yarram and Executive Produced by Sanjay Currie. The crew consists of Production Manager: Marlene Moniz, Assist Dialogue writer: Jacqueline Escolme, Director of Photography: Evan Goldman, Assistant Director: Leah Teplin and Jared Kaner, Sound Designer: Alberto Vincente, G&E: Randy Vance and Assist Executive Producers: Narendra Akula.

The Official Trailer of "The Distance Between Us"

Music video for the feature film, The Distance Between Us